Blogger blackdaisies said...

oh wow .. great atmosphere!

2:36 PM  
Blogger patina said...

thanks. it's a steamy one.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

Patina-- Hello. Thanks so much for visiting the Dharma Bums. Came by to see your blog. Beautiful photography.
You're in Moss Landing? We lived in Santa Cruz for 15 years. Beautiful place for birdwatching.
I'm going to bookmark your site. Love your photographs.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

nice bw tone..love the smoke make this shot look so cool:-)

9:17 AM  
Blogger Legabal said...

Great photo.

10:20 AM  
Blogger patina said...

rexroth's daughter - yes, in moss landing. it is a great place for the birds! ha ha. i really enjoy santa cruz, too. wonderful music scene.

thanks outdoorex and legabal for the comments.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous ian said...

Looks like some kind of ancient ritual.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Manjusha said...

Looks like claws reaching out from the ground.

3:28 PM  
Blogger ChickyBabe said...

This works so well in the B&W! You can almost see the steam moving...

2:27 PM  
Blogger patina said...

primitive looking, and yes i see what you mean about an image like claws.

shot it in color, then changed to gray scale. that did seem to work best.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Sidney said...

Indeed looks like an ancient ritual.
Great pictures in your blog !

4:00 AM  

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