Golden Valley Wilderness

walk through the winter desert and know the sun's energy

Last Chance Canyon - Mojave desert, California

resistant volcanic breccia, tuffaceous sandstones, sedimentary material, ash ejecta. rivers and streams cut through the strata carving a dramatic profile. as you hike along the floor the canyon walls vary from shades of gray, to red, black and buff white. embedded in the walls and buried throughout the washes are fossil remains of three-toed browsing horses, a species of short-legged camel, wolverine, shrew, and saber tooth cats.

Red Rock Canyon & Golden Valley Wilderness

Mojave Desert

ancient lava flows, basalt, volcanic tuff - the mineral tales of a vibrant sea bed dormant for the past 200 million years. jackrabbits bust from the cover of saltbrush, coyotes sing at dusk and dawn, quail and chukkar seek cover in the brittle grasses, and nervous road runners whip across the flats.


Witch's butter - Elkhorn Estuary

soft gelatin feel, rich butter color, a weird and wonderful fungus

Tremella Mesenterica


elkhorn estuary


hidden valley

an afternoon study of light in the back yard became "thirteen ways of looking at a blue pole"

hidden valley

a sunset in the blue swirl and brown grain.