San Juan Nat'l Forest, Co

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Colorado


Ely, Nevada - too much smoke for man and beast

in the San Juan Nat'l Forest near Cortez, Colorado


Ice tubes
Ophir Creek, Nevada
Ophir Creek, Nv
Ophir Creek
Shoshone Range, Nevada
Ophir gold mine, Nevada
Bald Mountain, Shoshone Range, Nevada
creek in Smith Valley
in the home built plane over Smith Valley
Smith Valley, Nevada -- flying over a hay field at 900 feet.
Shoshone Range, Nv
Smoky Mountains, Nv


Rocky Canyon campsite, NM
Gila Wilderness, NM


Roosevelt Lake, Idaho

Chamberlain Trail, Idaho
Hiking the burn in the Payette National Forest, Idaho
Big Creek Ranger Station, Idaho
Roosevelt Lake - Monumental Creek Trail, Idaho
Sandy the Swedish Mule
Chamberlain trail - Payette National Forest, Idaho
spruce grouse
Below Pueblo Summit - Idaho
Big Creek Ranger Station, Idaho
Thunder Mountain Gold Rush - 1902